Liquidity mortgages: what are the basic requirements to request them?

Are you willing to take out a liquidity loan to request a sum of money needed to finance a project or to meet an urgent and unexpected expense? But, what are the requirements to apply for a liquidity loan? Let’s find out in this guide when it is possible to present the application for the […]

Boom before the Hungarian home loan!

Hungarian banks would have to place approximately HUF 600-700 billion annually in order to increase their annual mortgage portfolio by 6-8%. We can even reach this level next year, as over the past 12 months about $ 380 billion of new home loans have come to fruition, along with loan repayments, and thanks to CSOK, […]

How to check if I am listed in the ARIF Register of Debtors?

There are many situations when it is worth checking whether we are listed in the ARIF Register of Debtors. Financial problems and a request for payment may be the reason for entering debtors in the Register. It is also worth checking information about us when our debts have been settled and we want to make […]

You need the loan calculator

Now that we have bid farewell to the new year and 2019 has arrived, everyone is getting back to work. In this case, it is worth continuing the things that have worked well last year and changing those that have not been successful. The loan calculator is clearly one of the things that you still […]

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