How to check if I am listed in the ARIF Register of Debtors?

There are many situations when it is worth checking whether we are listed in the ARIF Register of Debtors. Financial problems and a request for payment may be the reason for entering debtors in the Register. It is also worth checking information about us when our debts have been settled and we want to make sure that the creditor has removed the entry against us. If we applied for a mortgage, loan, credit card or installment loan and our application was rejected, it may mean that we have unpaid payments (check in which databases the loan companies check their clients). Creating an account in the ARIF Register of Debtors also allows us to receive positive information about us – it is useful in situations when a financial institution requires us to confirm our reliability. With an account in the Register, we can check whether someone has been looking for information about us within 12 months. If we happen to lose documents, thanks to the data in the Registry, we will be able to check whether someone has not used a forged document in our name.


How to check yourself in the ARIF system?

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The self-checking service allows you to download: a report about us, an on-line report from the Inquiry Register, as well as a document report. To download these reports, you must create a free account at ConsumerInfo. Then we need to fully activate the account and log in to the ARIF System. In turn, find the “Checking” tab in the top System menu. If you want to download a report about us, select the “Check yourself” tab. However, to obtain an online report from the Inquiry Register, we should select the ‘Inquiry Register’ tab. When we need a document report, select the ‘Check Document’ tab. Then just click the “Check” / “Execute” button – the report should be available immediately after submitting the query, as well as active on the user’s account for the next 90 days. Checking in ARIF is completely free if you want to get a report about yourself once every 6 months. In a situation where we would like to check data about us more often, downloading the report will cost us PLN 3.


How to delete an entry in the ARIF Register of Debtors?

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The debtor’s main task is to pay the outstanding balance. Only by settling debts can it be possible to remove an incriminating entry from the Register. The creditor must update the information provided. In the event of partial or total repayment of liabilities, as well as when the debt is terminated, each person or institution making an entry into ARIF has 14 days to submit a change to the database. ARIF, on the other hand, will update the database within 7 days, but usually it is done immediately.
In the event of a full repayment, the data will be deleted from the register and no one can view it from now on. If the liability has been repaid only in part, the initial balance and the outstanding amount appear in the ARIF register.

The ARIF register helps not only control dishonest borrowers – it also gives you the opportunity to build a positive image. It is enough for the debtor to report to the institution towards which he was obliged to issue a positive opinion. Thanks to such financial assessments, the former debtor has a better chance of considering the loan application positively, he may also be offered better terms of cooperation in the future.