How to Make a Fast Credit History in Mexico?

Creating credit history in Mexico was always an inconvenience for those who wanted to enter the financial system.

Having a positive credit life is a way to access better products, since most of the companies that offer them usually request this requirement.

One of the alternatives is through the cards to make credit history . It is about plastics for young people or people with little or bad history.

Prepaid cards offer you the option of hiring them without checking the bureau, and they allow you to start making a good credit history .


Another alternative, is through microcredits of low amount, that you can pay without delays so that little by little they can lend you more money and in better conditions.

Remember that in the Credit Bureau there are all the physical and moral persons who have obtained a credit card, car loan, or mortgage.

Also, some telephony or pay television service, a credit or credit service.


What departmental stores generate credit history?

credit history?

All those departmental stores that have financial products report to the credit bureaus. Therefore, companies like Coppel generate credit history .

If you have any of the departmental store cards that these companies offer, you have to know what they report, but at the same time it’s good news.

If you are a good payer, it is a very good alternative to make history in the credit bureau .


What services are used to make credit history?

credit history?

Telephony or pay television services report to the BC. Therefore, paying bills on time will open doors of credit. So Selmex generates credit history , it’s good that you keep it in mind.

Many users write to tell us they are in the bureau but they never asked for a loan or they do not have a credit card.

The issue is there, it is likely that they have not paid their cell phone bill. That is why when making credit history they find this unfortunate situation.


Why do I have to start doing history as soon as possible?

Why do I have to start doing history as soon as possible?

Making quick credit history in Mexico is not an easy task. Especially because if you want to access financial products and services all consult the bureau.

You never know when you will need money urgently, and if you have a bad or bad credit life, it will be difficult to access.

If you are young and you never had a credit card, we recommend hiring a TDC for students. They are usually an option on how to start creating credit history .


Do loans generate credit history?

Do loans generate credit history?

Definitely yes. However, you have different ways to start making credit history . The first one is to contract the so-called loans without bureaucracy.

To understand this situation, it is not that they do not consult, but that they take other variables to determine whether or not they can grant you financing. They have their own risk systems and analyze other aspects.

But you can also opt for some platforms that are offering loans without a history.

That is to say that with them they determine how to make a good credit history with their own and growing schemes, with rewards for good clients.


Do credit cards generate credit history?

credit cards

When it comes to how to do credit history in Mexico, another of the products that supports you with this are credit cards.

We recommend very attractive products that can be purchased 100% online by your cell phone. You download an app, you ask for it and it arrives at your address.

The advantage of the Vexi card is that you can create a credit history without having credit cards since with them you can access the plastic without having this requirement.


Do prepaid cards generate credit history?

Do prepaid cards generate credit history?

Everything will depend on each of the companies that are behind these cards. For example, the guaranteed credit card is not reported to the Credit Bureau, but it helps you build your history.

When it comes to uploading my quick credit score , there are several options. The main one is to comply with the obligations contracted and pay on date.

When we talk about debit cards to create credit history in Mexico , it is important to know that the plastic itself does not do so but its behavior linked to the associated account.

Debit accounts handle money from the user associated with a deposit or check account, therefore this behavior will be reflected in the control bodies.


How do additional cards impact credit history?

If you are interested in making a history in the credit bureau , and you have an additional card, remember that the score is for each person and not for the owner of the plastic. It means that each person has their own qualification.


Examples of how to make credit history

Examples of how to make credit history

We are going to give you some ways to start making credit history . The easiest is to hire a credit card that has no commissions, and make purchases of low amount.

The key there to raise my credit score fast , is to pay every month the total so that your score is the best. In a few months you will have good news.

Another alternative to create a credit history without having credit cards is to have the payment of your services up to date.

Companies like Selmex generate credit history and if you have contracted the telephone service can be an easy way.


How long is the credit history generated?

How long is the credit history generated?

One of the advantages of having a good financial behavior is that the Financial Information Societies update your history every month.

The Law says that each time you finish paying your debt, these companies must send the information to the bureaus five business days later.