You need the loan calculator

Now that we have bid farewell to the new year and 2019 has arrived, everyone is getting back to work. In this case, it is worth continuing the things that have worked well last year and changing those that have not been successful. The loan calculator is clearly one of the things that you still need to work on.


The numbers don’t lie

number dont lie

You could talk for hours about the people who made a lot of money by taking the trouble and using the calculator on credit . We are certainly not exaggerating when we say that you can stay in your pocket with millions of millions more.

What’s more, if you’re lucky enough to read us regularly, we’ll share a number of other ideas with which you can further reduce your costs . So keep reading for us! ?

But now let’s take a moment to see for yourself how much we are talking about!


HUF 10 million loan 3.3 million difference

loan calculator

Let’s count on an absolute basic option! Let’s just raise $ 10 million for 20 years! It’s a smooth second-hand home purchase and we don’t deal with the interest period anymore (but usually very important).

So, with these basic settings in mind, the cheapest loan for us is the Good Konsumer Bank Good Konsumer Business Conditional Loan K2, which is for $ 51,684 a month . This means that a total of $ 12,579,512 will be returned to the bank over 20 years.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the list, you will see quite different numbers. Specifically, this calculation includes ONI Bank’s Home Loan. In this offer we offer you a monthly installment of 65,692 forints . Not too expensive, but the previous one sounds much better. If we look at how much we are paying back, that feeling will be further strengthened in us. We are committed to repaying this $ 15,883,218 loan with this stash loan. The difference is over HUF 3.3 million.

Do you think you could give up $ 3.3 million? In our name we can say that we are not. If we agree, please contact us! We look for every possible solution to make the most of your money.